Top 5 Tips for Reputation Management through Social Media

Reputation management through social media has been increasingly grabbing attention these days. Presently, when everything is controlled under the word technology, businesses also pay more and more attention to online reputation management. It has become a regular routine to check business online, get feedback online and every bit of work online. The advanced technology growth has led to reputation management in Information Technology, Electronics, telecommunication and even entertainments.

Social Media has conquered people’s mind to such an extent that they can’t think of a life without it. The rapid growth in this field has completely changed the life style of people. Social Media in the last decade has grown to an excessive extent, transforming the internet through its ability to connect people and bring them closer in every aspect. Social media has not only lent its hands in connecting people, but connecting people with brands too. The social media helps people know about a particular brand through Facebook, twitter, blogs and other online websites and hence playing a vital role in online reputation management.

Let’s look some tips for reputation management through social media.

  1. Choosing the right Social Media

This is the first and foremost thing in building a good reputation through online. You should choose the best apt social media which reaches your audience. Most people and companies can’t do their best in every platform. Instead of representation in a lot of places, be remarkable on a few of them. For example if you are doing a business related to wedding planning, interior decorating, travel destinations, fashion or foods etc., the best platform could be Pin interest, where predominantly there are more number of female members. You can say a great deal about your products and services through your spectacular photos and videos.

Another example can be LinkedIn. This platform can be used by financial companies or any other core business. This is a consummate platform which connects people and business and also includes discussions and groups where you can exchange ideas and interest. So choosing the best platform should be done on a serious note to increase the reputation of your company.

  1. Social Media as a Search Engine Optimizer

Search engines are really evolving towards giving the set of answers to the user. So you should be careful that the primary keyword associated with your business should never pop up negative results on the first page of Google and other search engines. This negative signs can adversely affect the reputation of your company or brand. Be careful that there is always a chance of losing your potential customers if there is any negative pop ups on reviews or comments when they search for your product. Social media sites are high consultant platforms for search engines. Create social media profiles on all major social platforms for your business. Use preferably positive keywords and optimize your keywords in such a way that it will gain more importance to your business.

  1. Share the positive remarks

Spread all the positive comments and feedback on social media. Share as much positive responses you can. Make sure that people are noticing you update regularly about your business and also make sure that you respond to each and every response you get. Also try to get help from your friends and family members to recommend to their friends about the business. Reply each comment with the words “Thank you” so that people will have a mentality to appreciate you again and again. If you leave a comment untouched there are chances of losing a potential customer.

  1. Listen to the Customers

This point in fact has a greater influence in business reputation. The customer suggestions and feedbacks are always a greater way to improve your business and the product or service that you provide. Understand the needs and wants of your customer and you are sure to run towards success. Sometimes all people want is just to be heard.

  1. Be alert of Negative comments

It is not necessary that you have to take all negative comments into your mind. Take only those which you feel are relevant and stay away from people who always throw negativity on you. One of the reasons behind this negativity is sheer jealousy. So it’s always better to choose friends who care for your development in business and not the ones who want to see you shattered. Promise your customers that you are doing everything possible to address their concerns. It just takes a second to pass the bad comments and it takes a long term commitment to earn a good response.

So these are some of the reputation management tips supported by social media. With the internet bringing people closer day by day, it’s always important for an entrepreneur to be updated about his business. He should always be updated about his challengers in business market and social media is the best source to know it. So concentrate more on these tips and move ahead to the path of success.

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History & Origin of Ampersand

English is a funny language. Take for example the alphabets itself. How many of you really know that & was basically a part of the English alphabet system? Though it sounds a bit bizarre to a pair of modern ears, but it’s very true. Just like the symbol, its name and origin is also equally intriguing. So, if you love to learn about the mystery, read on.

The symbol of ampersand was very much in use for more than 1500 years. The earliest known use of & can be traced back to theampersand Roman period. The Roman scribes practiced a cursive style of handwriting. Whenever they have had to write et al, which also means and even in today’s parlance, they intertwingled both the alphabets e and t. This is what believed to give the ampersand its current shape. With repetitive use, the style had become a fashion and thereby took a dominant position in the English dictionary.

During the early 19th century & formed to be the 27th letter in the English alphabet system. It was during that period that the school children literally concluded reciting ABCD with &. However, as it was very confusing to say “X, Y, Z, and”, the students took a refuge to “X, Y, Z, and per se and”. The term Per se literally means by itself. So, the students actually meant to say X, Y, Z, and by itself and. With time “and per se and” corrupted and subsequently gave rise to the term ampersand.

Once a dominant character in the English alphabet, & is left today to appear only in the names of business corporations.

Domain Verification Steps Using CNAME Records

The world wide web has been one of the most preferred medium to advertise the products and services a business offers. And in this regard the efficacy of major search engines like Google cannot be ignored.

Domain VerificationHowever, while using the services as offered by Google like that of Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools, one needs to verify the ownership of the site. This can be done with the creation of DNS TXT Record. It ensures the ownership of the site to a particular individual or institution.

Domain verification can also be done by using DNS CNAME records. This is particularly useful for those who are not being able to develop a DNS TXT Records for their respective domains.

Suppose you need to register a domain named Below is given the steps that you should follow while registering your domain or website via DNS CNAME Record:

  1. Create a user account in Webmaster Tools and add there your domain that goes by the name of

  2. To verify your ownership over the site click on the Domain Name Provider option. It is supposed to manage the DNS records of your website or domain. In case if your provider is not there on the list as provided, select Others.

  3. Based upon your selection you will either find an option to set a specific CNAME record or can Add a CNAME Record of your choice. All you just need to do is follow the instructions that appear on your screen and complete your domain or website’s DNS configuration by adding the specific CNAME record to it.

  4. After you complete all of the above mentioned steps, click on the Verify button.

Domain RegistrationOnce you submit your requisition, Google will automatically verify the authentication of the CNAME record you have put. If everything is fine with the process then you will be adjudged as the legal owner of the site or domain. Even if you have a sub-domain like, it will also be verified and you will be adjudged as its owner along with the mother domain.

Little Known Google Products

Google is one of the most celebrated name in the world of Internet. Nearly all of its products are well-known and used by the netizen with a great enthusiasm. However, still there are some Google products that are hardly known to the world.

Google ProductsAfter quite an extensive study I have found that over the years Google has either invented or acquired a plethora of products under their kitty. While some of them are instant hits, others have been a complete fiasco.

Below I will try to compile a list of little known Google products, though not in some particular order:

  • Google URL Shortener

While URL shorteners like Bitly or Tinyurl has been much popular, few of us actually know about the existence of such a frontline product from the house of Google. It is aimed to help inserting URLs in character-limited messages like that in Twitter.

Current Status: Active

  • Google Mars

Just like the service offered by Google Earth in concentrating on the habitat of this world, Google Mars actually shows up a shaded relief map color-coded by altitude. It locates Mars’ geographical features like mountainous regions, crater depths, etc., along with different spacecraft landing spots. Google Mars come with three different viewing options namely, elevation, visible and infrared.

Current Status: Running

  • What Do You Love from Google

WDYL acts like a metasearch engine that collects host of information from different Google products with just a click of the mouse and provides the end user with accessibility to these information on a single page. However, the search is here strictly censored and any inappropriate keyword will redirect the user to the WDYL search page for kittens with background image of a rainbow.

Current Status: Available

  • Google Health

This is Google’s one-stop solution provider to all your health and wellness related queries. Though this was anticipated to be a success, the project was called off in January 1, 2013 due to indifferent user attitude.

Current Status: Withdrawn

  • YouTube Feather

YouTube is one of the most popular Google-owned video sharing site wherein users can upload, share, and view videos. YouTube Feather was introduced way back in 2009 in an attempt to reduce the loading impact from the browser as well as internet connection.

Current Status: Active

  • Panoramio

This is Google’s version of a photo sharing community website. Herein a user can upload and share his or photos with the world, and can also tag the same through Google Maps tools.

Current Status: Under-usage

  • Google SketchUp

This is Google’s gift to creative artists. This is an incredibly useful Google product that allows to create any drawing based on a 3D architecture. Though the product provides a simple and easy-to-understand interface, there are complains about the quality of its results.

Current Status: Not in use

So, how many of these Google products you have already heard about?

21 February – Marking the Struggle of Bengali Language Movement

While 14 February is widely celebrated as the day of love, little of us actually know the importance of 21 February, the International Mother Language Day.

International Mother Language DayIt all started in the present Bangladesh in the year of 1948 after Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the then governor of Pakistan, declared Urdu to be the official language of both East and West Pakistan. The population of East Pakistan being somewhat greater in number quite obviously felt to have been ignored.

The anguish spread like a forest fire all across East Pakistan, thereby giving rise to Bengali Language Movement or Bangla Bhasha Andolon. Instead of being subsided, day after day the unrest gained more momentum. People from every strata of the society came down to streets to protest against this atrocity. Facing serious mass discontentment and sectarian tensions with the newly passed decree, the then East Pakistan government banned any form of public gatherings.

On 21 February 1952, students from Dhaka Medical College and University of Dhaka organised a peaceful rally defying the Government diktat. The incident reached its climax when without any provocation police opened fire killing the student demonstrators. Several were killed that day thereby becoming the martyrs of Bhasha Andolon.

This gruesome event resulted into widespread civil unrest led by Awami League. After subsequent years of conflict, in 1956 the then Pakistani government gave in and granted official status for Bengali language. Later on, in 1999 UNESCO recognized the ethno-linguistic struggle of the Bengali people and announced 21 February as International Mother Language Day. Currently, the day is celebrated as Bhasha Shahid Diwas.

Bhasha Andolon left a prominent mark in not only the history of Bangladesh and Bengali language, but also in the world history. It proved to be a catalyst in asserting Bengali national identity in East Pakistan, in initiating Bengali nationalist movements, and subsequent rise of Bangladesh as an independent nation.

A Letter to My Lost Love

Right now I am totally confused with my feelings. Whether to feel lonely, or uneasy, or relieved, I don’t know. A little of all three is perhaps what encompassing my thoughts. I realize an urgent need to channel down my emotions, and how it could be better other than to write it out? And to write it down means to write it to you – to my long lost love.

I know that you’ll never know of this letter, let alone read it and discover my feelings. But this fact is not refraining me from writing it down. More to this, I know that this endeavor will never going to make me feel good, but still I will give it a try.

There are two things I could have done after losing you. Either to remain connected with everyone and ask them how you are doing, or severing contacts with them so that my pains remain buried only within me and shared with none else.

You know that I will choose the second option, and I did just that. Do you still remember how determined I was in hiding my emotions from others? But tonight I feel helpless, I feel numb, I feel dilapidated.

Things were not easy for me after you left. For a couple of months or so I could feel travelling through the forest of anguish, pain, and frustration. At that time I wished to walk in the rain so that nobody could see my tears. I could not talk about the loss; about my lost love to anyone.

Sometimes I think to save every bit of my day-to-day memories so that someday I can bring them to you. Time has passed and my road to you is now lying in tatters. Even if I try to travel it, I know I will never find the same old you over there. You must have moved on!

Even today, after so many years have passed, a chill wave go down my spine when I try to ruminate on how I have spent those long, dark days. Every hour, every minute, and every second became unbearable to me. Every love story haunted me with the memory of the moments we have spent together. My futile search for you, as I thought, would never end.

I knew that time would heal all my pains when you bid me the final farewell. I never thought of you on birthdays, on occasions, on anniversaries. I cross my bridges when I come to them and burn them behind me, with nothing to show for my progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once my eyes watered.

And now here as I sit and ponder on the past, suddenly I am taken aback to realize that years after years I went through the days of remembrance without even realizing that these are the days. Perhaps it is a good thing for me. Perhaps somehow I too managed to move on.

But why on earth the old memories have exhumed to haunt me tonight? Why tonight I feel like all has happened just yesterday? Is it to let me feel that you are still there in the deepest dungeons of my heart? I bore this chalice safely through a throng of foes, and thereby I can feel your presence, your importance to me and to my whole being.

There are times when I can still hear your voice, smell your fragrance, and feel your touch as pronounced as if you were in my arms. I still check my cell for your missed calls, but you don’t miss me anymore, do you? These things, no matter how insignificant they are, will always be there with me.

And right now as tears roll down my cheeks, they reassure the fact that I still miss you Princess.

miss u

Guest Posting Tips and Tricks – The Future of Link Building 2013

How to Guest PostContent marketing by link building through guest posts has been the buzzword of SEO service. With newer strategies implemented, the search engine spiders will definitely be on hunt for posts that possess quality content.

Before you contribute content to any blog, you must know with which one you should go. As the platform is the most essential part in determining the longevity and value of your link, a little knowledge can prove substantially helpful.

Below, I will try to share some successful guest posting tips and tricks with my readers:

  • Blog Selection: Select a platform that would make some sense to the visitors in relating your line of business. It does not need to belong to the same niche, but there should exist a fine line of relation. The readers of the blog should be able to extract substantial help from your guest posts. Only thereby, you will be able to establish a successful brand identification.

  • Blog Strength: Look for the Alexa Rank, PageRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and last Index Date of the blog. This will let you understand its strength. Also look for how frequently comments are posted or posts are shared. Do this for all the inner pages and not for the home page alone.

  • Community Activity: It would also be a good idea to check the activity of the blog in the major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. If you find the blog to have an acceptable community coverage then it is quite likely to promote your brand identity in a desired manner.

  • Post Quality: See if the posts contain quality information or is it quite easy to get a post submitted in the blog? Any content should be aimed to satisfy the readers, and therefore, must be informative and engaging. Once you are satisfied with the previous posts and their quality, you can go ahead.

  • Contribute a ContentKeyword Incorporation: Try to submit a guest post containing a keyword ranks the site. This increases the chance of your guest post to appear in the major search engine result pages. This would be helpful for you to reach a broader spectrum of audience, and thereby to get more referrals.

  • Share Fresh Ideas: In order to achieve the desired result your guest posting should also cover something new and more interesting that is yet to appear on the blog.

So, try to hit Google by typing “top blogs on (your niche)”. This will let you find the top ranking blogs where you can submit your guest posts. Following this to-do list will definitely ensure that your guest posting attracts maximum hits over the Internet.