Freedom essentially speaks of our prerogative to choose one particular type of bondage over another.

It is indeed interesting to note that this fact is lost on us as the bondage kept changing. But, there are a few ‘buts’.

Chained FreedomFirst, the conditions that appear rigid in one case should appear lax in the next – the alternate pattern of laxity and rigidity should soothe any pain that emanates out of it.

Second, each bondage needs the support of an opiate; yes even Communism itself does need the opium of glorious days being just around the corner, sorry Mr. Marx.

Third, there needs to be an alternate pattern of ego-boosters as well.

Just add these three and the mind takes care of the rest. Yes, it really does. It’s amazing how little it needs to be done to keep someone away from his or her freedom.

Just change the settings and the surroundings, and be assured that the individual would be happy thinking, “Well, it’s definitely better than what I’ve been through already.”

Else, freedom is never absolute; it comes with a sense of responsibility and commitment, even if nothing else. And trust me, freedom doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, neither contentment.

And I am not talking about Freedom from desires, please…

I’m too sensual to even think of something likewise, and secondly, I’m more concerned with freedom to fulfill my desires, to be very honest. Surely by now, you know what I mean…


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