Little Known Google Products

Google is one of the most celebrated name in the world of Internet. Nearly all of its products are well-known and used by the netizen with a great enthusiasm. However, still there are some Google products that are hardly known to the world.

Google ProductsAfter quite an extensive study I have found that over the years Google has either invented or acquired a plethora of products under their kitty. While some of them are instant hits, others have been a complete fiasco.

Below I will try to compile a list of little known Google products, though not in some particular order:

  • Google URL Shortener

While URL shorteners like Bitly or Tinyurl has been much popular, few of us actually know about the existence of such a frontline product from the house of Google. It is aimed to help inserting URLs in character-limited messages like that in Twitter.

Current Status: Active

  • Google Mars

Just like the service offered by Google Earth in concentrating on the habitat of this world, Google Mars actually shows up a shaded relief map color-coded by altitude. It locates Mars’ geographical features like mountainous regions, crater depths, etc., along with different spacecraft landing spots. Google Mars come with three different viewing options namely, elevation, visible and infrared.

Current Status: Running

  • What Do You Love from Google

WDYL acts like a metasearch engine that collects host of information from different Google products with just a click of the mouse and provides the end user with accessibility to these information on a single page. However, the search is here strictly censored and any inappropriate keyword will redirect the user to the WDYL search page for kittens with background image of a rainbow.

Current Status: Available

  • Google Health

This is Google’s one-stop solution provider to all your health and wellness related queries. Though this was anticipated to be a success, the project was called off in January 1, 2013 due to indifferent user attitude.

Current Status: Withdrawn

  • YouTube Feather

YouTube is one of the most popular Google-owned video sharing site wherein users can upload, share, and view videos. YouTube Feather was introduced way back in 2009 in an attempt to reduce the loading impact from the browser as well as internet connection.

Current Status: Active

  • Panoramio

This is Google’s version of a photo sharing community website. Herein a user can upload and share his or photos with the world, and can also tag the same through Google Maps tools.

Current Status: Under-usage

  • Google SketchUp

This is Google’s gift to creative artists. This is an incredibly useful Google product that allows to create any drawing based on a 3D architecture. Though the product provides a simple and easy-to-understand interface, there are complains about the quality of its results.

Current Status: Not in use

So, how many of these Google products you have already heard about?


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