Guest Posting Tips and Tricks – The Future of Link Building 2013

How to Guest PostContent marketing by link building through guest posts has been the buzzword of SEO service. With newer strategies implemented, the search engine spiders will definitely be on hunt for posts that possess quality content.

Before you contribute content to any blog, you must know with which one you should go. As the platform is the most essential part in determining the longevity and value of your link, a little knowledge can prove substantially helpful.

Below, I will try to share some successful guest posting tips and tricks with my readers:

  • Blog Selection: Select a platform that would make some sense to the visitors in relating your line of business. It does not need to belong to the same niche, but there should exist a fine line of relation. The readers of the blog should be able to extract substantial help from your guest posts. Only thereby, you will be able to establish a successful brand identification.

  • Blog Strength: Look for the Alexa Rank, PageRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and last Index Date of the blog. This will let you understand its strength. Also look for how frequently comments are posted or posts are shared. Do this for all the inner pages and not for the home page alone.

  • Community Activity: It would also be a good idea to check the activity of the blog in the major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. If you find the blog to have an acceptable community coverage then it is quite likely to promote your brand identity in a desired manner.

  • Post Quality: See if the posts contain quality information or is it quite easy to get a post submitted in the blog? Any content should be aimed to satisfy the readers, and therefore, must be informative and engaging. Once you are satisfied with the previous posts and their quality, you can go ahead.

  • Contribute a ContentKeyword Incorporation: Try to submit a guest post containing a keyword ranks the site. This increases the chance of your guest post to appear in the major search engine result pages. This would be helpful for you to reach a broader spectrum of audience, and thereby to get more referrals.

  • Share Fresh Ideas: In order to achieve the desired result your guest posting should also cover something new and more interesting that is yet to appear on the blog.

So, try to hit Google by typing “top blogs on (your niche)”. This will let you find the top ranking blogs where you can submit your guest posts. Following this to-do list will definitely ensure that your guest posting attracts maximum hits over the Internet.